Update: Reno Overnight RV Parking Ban, Enforcement Eases Up

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February 14, 2009

As of February 11, 2009, the city council has decided not to actively enforce an ordinance that prohibits sleeping overnight in an RV unless you’re in an approved campground.  Instead, they will only respond to specific complaints.  This clears the way for business owners (Casinos, big-box stores, etc.) to decide whether to allow RVers to park overnight on their property, but allows the city to step in when necessary to respond to legitimate problems.  

Last summer, the Reno city council started enforcing the RV parking ban at casinos and other locations.  Mostly it effected the Atlantis Casino which had a reputation for allowing overnight and longer stays, and to some extent the Peppermill, which selectively allowed overnight and longer parking for their customers.  At this time I have no information about whether these casinos will take advantage of the change.

Thanks to my friend Jim O’Brient at www.overnightrvparking.com for letting me know about this.  Here are two different links to the same story at www.rgj.com  I’m posting both in case one works better for you than the other.    Link 1   Link 2

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