Pet Safety Advocate Bark Buckle UP and Online Automotive Consumer Advocate Announce the Top 10 Pet Safe VehiclesPet safety advocate Christina Selter

Traveling in the car with the family pet is a common necessity for many of America’s 71 million pet owners – 82 percent of dogs travel in cars during their lifetime. However, 98 percent of dogs travel unrestrained in moving vehicles, leaving both pets and the passengers vulnerable to injury in the event of a traffic accident. In a 35 mile per hour collision, an unrestrained 60-pound pet becomes a 2,700 pound projectile and can do much harm to other passengers.

In collaboration with the pet-safety experts from Bark Buckle UP,, the premier online resource for automotive information, has published a list of the Top 10 Pet Safe Vehicles that make driving with pets safer and more convenient.

“It’s in everyone’s best interest for drivers to ensure that pets and their gear are safe and secure while on the road,” said Kevin Smith,’s Editorial Director. “The best vehicles for pet owners are the ones with plenty of room and pet safety features such as tri-climate control, fold-flat rear seats, rear back-up cameras, sliding rear doors, and side airbags.”

The top 10 2009 cars and trucks most highly recommended for safe pet travel, in alphabetical order, are:

1. Dodge Journey
2. Ford Flex
3. GMC Acadia
4. Hyundai Tucson
5. Jeep Liberty
6. Kia Borrego
7. Mazda 5
8. Mitsubishi Outlander
9. Subaru Tribeca
10. Volvo XC70

“Regardless of which vehicle you own, it is critical to safely restrain your pet when you’re driving,” asserted Christina Selter, Bark Buckle UP Founder and Pet Safety Expert. “Even the calmest, unrestrained pets can become frightened in a moving vehicle, distract the driver and cause an accident. In the event of a sudden stop or accident, the animal can injure other passengers or be thrown through the windshield, then hinder the efforts of rescue workers or even cause another accident by escaping into the street. We don’t question the importance of seat belts for human passengers, and we should always provide the same protection for our pets.”

Be Smart. Ride Safe.

Happy and Safe Pet Travels!

Tom James

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  1. There are many available on suppliers include petmountain, drs foster and smith, petsmart, amazon, naional pet pharmacy, 1-800-petmeds and many more.Deals updated daily.

  2. My Siberian Husky rides in his dog cage which is solid between my front seat (which is air ride) and I do not move it (to get in and out) and the back wall of my truck cab. All his pet items are in a box in top of the cage held down straps. Works very well for us. My truck is 11ft. high 8×10 bed and 7ft. wide front finders the back seat seats 4 adults very well it was there.

  3. Yeah, its the passenger safety first before anything else when you are choosing an RV vehicle for your family. What makes them comfortable and safe if it has some features specially designed for your pets the that would also be nice.

    Best Regards,
    Camping in Texas

  4. Darthvagrant

    Uhhh…….this is an RV site. Are you suggesting the foregoing “pet safe” vehicles are where the pets travel by choice-in the “choice” vehicle?…in the toad? I appreciate your concern…..however….I think “pet safety” is pretty far down the list when a person makes the choice of any vehicle. To wit: Passenger safety. Fed ‘crash’ test results, side air bags, dual force air bags…etc. Fido is pretty well on his (her?) own.
    Of considerably more practicability is one of the many pet harnesses to designed to restrain the pet (during an accident)…..not the choice of the vehicle.
    Thanks anyway.

  5. Ron

    You’re kidding, right?