Tips to DIY Pet Costumes

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October 12, 2012

hot dog pet costumeAs fall sets in and we start scouting out Halloween costumes and decorations, we can’t forget about our faithful, furry travel companions. The variety of pet costumes at stores or online can become overwhelming. Making your own pet costume is a fun, creative hobby that is a great way to incorporate your pet’s personality into the costume. Here are some tips from Good Sam on how to ensure your homemade pet costume is a hit with other RVers and neighbors alike.

Checking out different craft or do-it-yourself blogs is a good start to finding something you and your pet will enjoy. Making a pet costume can be as easy or complex as you choose, and no matter what you choose, be sure to measure twice and cut once. That old adage is true for sewing as well as carpentry!

For those who want to start their costumes with scratch: first, measure your pet lengthwise from the hips up to the shoulders. Next, measure around the largest part of your pet’s body – generally this will be just behind their front legs. Now measure around their neck. These three measurements will help you get a better idea of how much fabric or material you will need.

Use a piece of newspaper and sketch out your pet’s measurements into a rectangle. Lengthwise, your sketch should be the first measurement. The second measurement should be how wide the rectangle should be. And the third measurement will, of course, be at the top of the sketch for the neck. Next, place the newspaper pattern on top of the fabric and secure it with sewing pins. Cut around the newspaper pattern until you’ve got your rectangle cut. Depending on what costume you’ve chosen for your pet, your shape, type of material and colors will be different. Remember that the material should wrap around the pet’s back and be secured at the belly. Here is where you can add embellishments – buttons, fabric shapes, lace, etc. No matter what embellishment you add to the costume, be sure to take care in properly securing it to the costume for the safety of your pet.

For the novice DIYer, buying a solid-color tank top or shirt from either the children’s or adult department – depending on the size of your pet – can simplify creating your own costume. Simply cut out felt triangles and sew or glue them onto the costume with fabric glue to make a doggie-dinosaur, a cat-bird. Another easy tip is cutting out felt wings and securing them to a pet harness – this can easily transform your pet into a bat, butterfly or bumblebee. Another tip is to cut out fabric or lace ovals in different colors and glue or sew them onto a collar to make your pet into a colorful spring flower.

Making a pet costume is a great way to bond with fellow RVers who are traveling or staying near you and it’s an affordable alternative. Great crafty and creative, and your pet will be the talk of the town.

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