Tech Tips: Stand Up Hitch

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February 14, 2016

I’ve seen many suggestions for storing and moving a fifth-wheel hitch, so I thought I’d share mine. I designed a stand for the hitch that is the same height as the pickup’s tailgate. I used scrap 2x4s and locking casters for its construction.

I put the stand against the tailgate, lock the casters, lay two 2 X 3s (long enough to span from the mounting rail to the stand) in the bed of the truck, lift off the hitch and slide it to the mobile stand on the 2 X 3s.

The hitch can be stored under the overhang of the trailer, or easily moved someplace else.

George Cruzan
Bridgeton, New Jersey

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  1. Anonymous

    I have a B&W hitch is there reason I cant leave it attached to the trailer

  2. Anonymous

    I use a ready made furniture moving dolly. You can buy them at Harbor Freight for under 10.00 and they are close to the ground so not as dangerous as the stand shown here.

  3. Anonymous

    I use a furniture mover to store the hitch on, added some “wings” to the sides to keep it from sliding off. However, I have a tommy gate on the back, so lifting is minimal.

  4. Anonymous

    Tech Tips, most of us are a little older, so On the 5 Wheel Hitch, I use a Engine Hoist to remove the Hitch, you can move it anywhere and store on the floor