Some vehicles, like my new Jeep, require the negative battery cable to be disconnected when being towed to prevent the dash lights from draining the battery. There are electronic devices and switches available to prevent this problem, but they are costly and have their own potential problems.

My quick fix was to replace the battery cable bolt with a quick-release seat binder bolt from a bicycle shop. They generally come in two lengths; the shorter one will work the best and mine only cost $7. Now, the disconnect and reconnect that used to take minutes has been reduced to seconds.

Tom Duke, Atlantis, Florida

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  1. Anonymous

    looks flimsy

  2. Anonymous


  3. Anonymous

    What year Jeep

  4. Anonymous

    Very good Idea. Something I can put to use.

  5. Anonymous

    Excellent idea!

  6. Anonymous

    I’m sorry , I don’t trust people to steal them. I put them in the trailer with my truck hitch! When not using them.

  7. Anonymous

    Could this work for the house batteries for winter storage?

  8. Anonymous

    Looks like a great idea for house batteries that you don’t want to leave hooked up during short storage times. Pat