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Top 5 Tips for Traveling with Children in the RV

ARE WE THERE YET? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if those words had never been invented! Traveling with children a long distance can be a real trial. I have raised four children and have six grandchildren and I love taking them with me. I have learned what works well, what works for a while and what not to bother trying. (Don’t bother telling them to be quite or still!) Here are my top 5 suggestions of how to keep them happy and yourself sane on a family trip.

Traveling with Children – Part 1 – Bernice’s Tips

Although our motorhome usually contains just the two of us, many people take their children or grandchildren along for the ride. Traveling by RV is more economical for families than flying and staying in hotels, and taking children camping enriches the whole family. Here are some tips when traveling with children. To keep children involved