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Quick Tips – Tire Cover

In this segment of Quick Tips from “RV Today” Tracey Lehr shows you how to make sure your safety latch is attached to your towing receptacle, a way to protect your tires, a way to use Plexiglas to protect your door from dog scratches and a quick way to make leveling jack pads. VIEW MORE

Quick Tips Noodle – RV Today

In this video clip Tracey Lehr shows you some other uses for swim noodles and pipe insulation. Tips included: a way to hold drinks in place in the fridge, a way to expand your travel wardrobe, keeping your windshield wipers covered and staying safe around the awning support.

Quick Tick Tock Tip – RV Today

Quick Tick Tock Tip – Say that 5 times fast. In this video clip from RV Today’s Quick Tip segment, Tracey Lehr gives you some tips on hanging a clock in your RV, how to make your own fire starter and how to keep your in line water filter from hanging.