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Trailer Sway; Part 2

In last week’s article I talked about what trailer sway is, and I ended the article by listing some of the most important items associated with trailer sways. This week we want to discuss some of the ways to help control trailer sway based on these causes for trailer sway.

Tail Wagging, Part II

  Last week’s post on “Tail Wagging the Dog” drew quite a few comments, and I wanted to take the time to clarify a few of the statements that I made with regard to coach handling. Under normal circumstances, our experiences have found that, if the rear of the coach is not responsive on lane

Tail Wagging the Dog

Steering problems can manifest themselves in many different ways-and in some instances, it isn’t the steering system that’s to blame. One of the most common problems we address at Henderson’s Line-Up is an issue we call “Tail Wagging the Dog”. It’s the sensation you get when the coach seems to have a mind of its