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RV Tech-Tip: Hide Pet Bowls

RVers enjoy taking their pets along when they travel, but one problem with having a pet on board is where to put the food and water dishes. We all look for an out-of-sight spot where the dishes won’t get kicked or stepped into. This RV tech tip is a great solution. My wife came up

RV Tech-Tip: Tire Monitor

One of the most critical items on your RV is what supports it: the tires. It is very important that they are correctly sized, properly rated, aired up with the required pressure, and in good general condition. These things usually can be observed visually, except the air pressure. For this, you will need to use

RV Tech Tip: Awning Rod Storage

I got tired of having to hunt for my awning rod, which had the habit of becoming buried under the other items in my largest outside storage compartment, the only compartment long enough to store it in. If you’re having a similar problem, this RV tech tip can help. I cut two short pieces (about