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8 Safety Accessories Every RVer Should Have

Safety Accessories Every RVer Should Have We all likely agree that there are several safety accessories that every RVer should have, but there might be some disagreement on what those accessories are. One RVer might consider a shotgun a must have safety accessory, while another might rate an alarm on his temperature-controlled built-in wine storage compartment a

RV Space Saving Tips

Organizing your recreational vehicle and saving space go hand in hand. That’s why RV space saving tips are always helpful in organizing your rig. Your imagination is the limit! Set aside a day where you spend the first quarter taking everything out of the cabinets and storage areas, the second quarter thinking about the multi-functions of each item,

Product Review: Flag Pole Buddy

JUST IN TIME FOR THE 4th OF JULY! Product Review: Flag Pole Buddy Acquired from RV Upgrade Store Price $85.95 What is it? A kit for mounting a flag pole attached to your RV ladder. What makes it special? The pole with the flag attached can be easily installed or removed when needed without having