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Space Heaters a Potential Cause of RV Fires

Fire safety is essential when camping in your recreational vehicle. In earlier posts I reported on space heater fires that destroyed RVs and caused the death of its occupants—both human and canine. Following are recent reports on four RVs destroyed by fires that were caused by human carelessness. Ohio: Space Heater Cause of Camper Fire Mansfieldnewsjournal.com

More Space Heater Fires Destroy Pets & RVs

Whether camping or just relaxing in your recreational vehicle, fire safety is essential. In an earlier post I reported that four small dogs died and an RV was destroyed in a fire caused by a propane space heater. In today’s post I report on two RV fires caused by careless use of space heaters. Arizona Fire Started

Propane Space Heater Fire Destroys 4 Dogs & RV

Studies show that fires in recreational vehicles, especially older units, tend to be more devastating than those in other forms of residence. Heating and electrical system malfunctions are the leading causes of fire in RVs. Together, they account for one-third of the fires. Four small dogs died and an RV was recently (January 15, 2013)