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Using your Multimeter – Part 3

Hopefully you have all been practicing with your new multimeters and nobody has gotten hurt doing it. In our last post about using your meter I suggested checking the voltage at a normal residential outlet. With your meter on AC volts you should measure somewhere around 115 to 120 volts AC. This is what you

Using Your Multimeter – Part 2

A multimeter is no different than any other tool you have. In order to use it properly you have to become familiar with the tool, and understand how it works. The multimeter I recommended in my last post is a simple, digital meter available at Home Depot for under $20. I have one in my

Using your Multimeter – Part 1

Up until now we have been talking about a lot of theory and learning vocabulary for electrical systems. Today we are taking the first step in learning how to make use of our new found knowledge to make electrical measurements. There are two important things to know: First, always keep safety utmost when you are