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RV Tech Tip: Electric Inverters

Many RVs today are available with electric inverters and chargers, standard or as an option.  The inverter is a great accessory for having AC power while travelling and for dry camping.  Today’s RV tech tip will give you more knowledge about different types of inverters and what they do. These units offer a battery charger to maintain

Practical Motor Home Inverter Applications

Two weeks ago week we looked at the type of inverters commonly used in motor homes.  This week we will touch on applications of inverters in our home on wheels.   We will deal with integrated types only, generally these are 2,000 watt output and larger.  We will also focus only at the inverter operation, not the

Choosing An Inverter/Charger

  So far as motorized recreational vehicles, there are two duty types of inverters used. Stand alone and integrated inverter/chargers. Stand alone units are relatively low wattage output units that are individually wired to operate a single load like a television and perhaps a satellite receiver. The inverter/charger is an integrated part of the electrical