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VIDEO: Which is BEST for Towing? GAS or DIESEL?

On The Long Long Honeymoon (LongLongHoneymoon.com) we’re launching a new series of video questions that you can discuss around the campfire. On the menu today: gas or diesel? Those of us who have towable RVs must confront this issue head on. Quite frankly, when we bought our Airstream I had little knowledge of diesel engines.

The Grand Canyon, Frank Sinatra, & RVs

Airstream RV Blog – The Grand Canyon from Sean Michael on Vimeo. I was once trying to talk a friend into taking a road trip with me. My friend was skeptical about the idea. “Suppose we go,” he said, “what will we actually do once we arrive?” “Learn,” was my one-word reply. And I was

Garmin Nuvi 660 GPS – Product Review

Airstream RV Blog – Garmin GPS Review from Sean Michael on Vimeo. Garmin nuvi 660: **** (4 Stars) A GPS unit makes road trips more enjoyable, more safe, and more fun. In the annals of useful inventions, it ranks up there with the wheel, the bread slicer, and the washing machine. If you are in