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Fuel Saving Tires and More Road Wander

In the last post, part of what I talked about was a new fuel saving technology that Goodyear is implementing in the tread of some of their commercial applications, but I was waiting for more information on RV applications and their benefits. I have since found that the G670 tire works in RV applications, and

Care for a Truck and Camper

We have been working on new suspension products for pick-ups for quite some time now, and last week we had the opportunity to work on a Dodge heavy-duty truck that would allow us to use much of the knowledge we have gained working on motorhome chassis. This truck hauls a camper, and although it was

A Weighty Issue

Weight and loading are perhaps the biggest issues affecting the safety, handling and longevity of RVs. But if you’re new to RVing, you’re probably wondering why. After all, there doesn’t seem to be so much concern over weight in a car or even most pick-ups and SUV’s, so why RV’s? The simple reason is that