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Is Synthetic Engine Oil Worth The Buck$?

The need or value of using synthetic engine oils has been a controversy for nearly as long as they have been available. Originally they were wanted solely for their duration and ability to extend the need for an oil change by double or more.  Rumor has it, that when Mobile 1 came on the market, General

Diesel Engines Are Getting Quieter And Quieter

Whether in a pickup truck, semi tractor or motor coach, we are all used to hearing the sound of a diesel engine, knocking loudly like a herd of knock kneed cattle on a slow gallop.  But have you noticed that newer diesel equipped vehicles are getting quieter and quieter?   European diesel powered automobiles are extremely

Looking Ahead At Instrumentation

Dashboard instrument displays have continued to become more and more trend setting, all black faces then white.  Some, like that offered by Silver Leaf, provide the all digital glass dash, rivaling that of the aircraft industry.  But, these still require taking your eyes from the road to view.   So, what’s next?  My money will be