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Boondocking 101: How to find those boondocking campsites you keep hearing about

By Bob Difley Camping comfortably without hookups was the subject of last week’s post, so today let’s look at ways to find the boondocking campsites you keep hearing about but whose actual locations remain vague and illusive. It’s not that boondockers are obsessively secretive about their favorite places and dueling with broadswords to secure possession, they mostly

The Zen of Boondocking Part IX – How to find boondocking campsites

By Bob Difley Just knowing that you can legally boondock almost anywhere on public lands, such as those managed by the forest service and BLM, as I wrote in last week’s post, does not tell you exactly how to find these dispersed campsites (meaning not within the confines of an organized campground). You won’t find