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Cooking Concepts plates review

On a beautiful spring day, my family and I decided to drive across the border for a little bit of shopping.   Living in Ottawa, ON we have the privilege to be about 40 minutes from the nearest border crossing in order to get into the USA.   So we packed the kids, brought our passports, and

Eating Healthy through the Winter

Eating a wide variety of fruits and vegetables helps provide essential nutrients and maintain a healthy weight Unless you enjoy year-round tropical sunshine, during the winter your stored serotonin, the brain’s “feel good” chemical, may decline. You may crave carbohydrates as comfort food and exercise less. Though cold, gloomy weather alone doesn’t increase calorie need,

Weight Loss: Separating Truth from Fiction

By Lynn Difley Is there anybody out there who hasn’t tried at least once in his or her life to stem the tide of weight gain, or to reduce accumulated extra inches through a “diet”? It is as American as apple pie–and could be a stronger connection than we suspect. Our assumptions about the most