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It’s Crawfish Season, Come Twist Some Tails with Us

If you tour Cajun Country you’re bound to encounter crawfish. It’s as inevitable as BBQ in Texas, lobster in Maine, beans in Boston, or potatoes in Idaho. Crawfish, mudbugs, crawdads, or crayfish—call them what you will—are woven into Cajun culture. They raise them, catch them, eat them, and sing about them. They even adopt them

As the Boudin Turns — a Tasty Louisiana Treat

Philadelphia might have the cheese-steak sandwich. New York may boast of its pizza, and Texas has BBQ—but Southwest Louisiana has boudin, and eating it guarantees a tingling palate and a full stomach. In many homes, boudin is more revered than crawfish, with recipes passed along for generations. Chances are, if you don’t live in or