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Top 5 Tips for Traveling with Children in the RV

ARE WE THERE YET? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if those words had never been invented! Traveling with children a long distance can be a real trial. I have raised four children and have six grandchildren and I love taking them with me. I have learned what works well, what works for a while and what not to bother trying. (Don’t bother telling them to be quite or still!) Here are my top 5 suggestions of how to keep them happy and yourself sane on a family trip.

Roy Scribner, the “Gadget Guy?”

When RV.Net asked me to write a weekly column on camping gadgets, my first reaction was; wow! Then the reality of writing 52 articles on the same general subject settled upon me, and I began to get nervous. You see, I am not much of a “gadget guy” at all. Sure, I carry a cell