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6 Case Studies in Preventing RV Fires

With an average of 3,100 RV fires each year, there is no shortage of news stories across the U.S. and Canada about devastating losses due to recreational vehicle fires. These fires caused seven deaths, 62 injuries, and approximately $41 million in damages each year. These numbers reflect how important fire safety and fire prevention are

Top 10 Useful Items for RV Campers

We’re enjoying another great year of RV travel, news & product reviews at Here are 10 of our favorite items we’ve got around the RV. Gaffer’s Tape ( This is the “secret” tape used in Hollywood by lighting technicians. Everyone should have a roll in his or her toolkit. Why? It’s like masking tape

RVers Die of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning in 2 Separate Incidents

A 75-year-old Pennsylvania man and a Colorado high school student died of carbon monoxide gas poisoning in two separate incidents. 75-year-old Pennsylvania Man Dies from Carbon Monoxide A 75-year-old Windber, Pennsylvania, man died as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning while at the Allegany County Fairgrounds and his 76-year-old-wife was taken to a hospital in

Working Carbon Monoxide Detectors Can Save Lives

In an earlier post I reported that five people died in their sleep from carbon monoxide poisoning inside a rented camper at a bike rally in Clarksville, Tennessee. Investigators said the victims appeared to have been overcome by carbon monoxide fumes that leaked into the camper from a generator. The RV’s carbon monoxide detector, which