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DIY – RV Water Heater Replacement

Bill replaces and American Appliance water heater with Suburban DSI (direct spark ignition) and door kit. Heater and Door Kits can be purchased at your local Camping World. Suburban Water Heaters Replacement access doors Atwood Water Heaters Replacement Anode Rods for Atwood and Suburban Water Heaters VIEW MORE RV HOW-TO VIDEOS

RV Doctor – Musty Water Taste/Smell

Dear RV Doc, Our day/night blinds have broken threads. Is there a way to fix or re-thread them or should we purchase new ones? Both living area blinds broke only days apart. We also have a musty smell and taste in our water. What could we do to correct this problem? Should we drain our

LP Appliances- pilot type water heaters

In my last blog entry, I touched on the theory behind using a pilot and thermocouple as a flame safety device in an LP appliance. This week we’ll look at how it works in the most common RV application- an LP water heater. The 2 main RV water heater manufacturers are Atwood Mobile Systems and