A Nifty LP-Gas Gauge

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June 20, 2017

RV tech tips for LP gas

RV Tech Tips for LP gas measuring.

Keeping track of the remaining LP-gas in your trailer’s cylinder is often a difficult task. Many trailer owners apply magnetic strips to the LP-gas cylinders that change color at the liquid line when hot water is poured on the cylinder. The problem is remembering how full the cylinder was the last time it was checked without applying hot water again. A magic marker to note the level will certainly work, but that means a streaky mess the next time you pour water on the cylinder.

In addition to the magnetic strip, I use a refrigerator magnet as a visual aid on the cylinder. Each time I apply hot water, I move the magnet to reflect the liquid level. Telephone directories usually come with several such magnets, so I always have a supply at the ready.

James W. Baker, Chandler, Arizona

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  1. This way, you avoid having to reapply the magnetic strip to measure — just consult the marking you left.

  2. Anonymous

    I find in our Arizona heat, these strips easily come off and get cloudy. We went to the more expensive gauges and never a problem.

  3. Anonymous

    Am I missing something here???
    Who cares what the old level was, just what the level is now. Right?