This is my last set of tips on RV Maintenance. I can’t deny that experience has taught some of us RVers quite a bit the hard way. Maybe the most important lesson is that with regards to RVs, as with so many other aspects of life, the old adage attributed to Benjamin Franklin holds tremendous truth: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound in cure. So, here’s my last batch of RV maintenance tips, but if you have more, feel free to comment.

  • After you dump, pour Aqua-Kem Concentrated Liquid Holding Tank Deodorant into the toilet and flush it into the black water tank. This product deodorizes and helps disintegrate the incoming waste and tissue and also helps keep the holding tank clean.
  • Use a water pressure gauge to check the pressure coming from campground spigots. The regulator on the gauge allows you to set the amount of pressure entering the plumbing system of the RV. Too much pressure can pop loose various connections and cause leaks. To be on the safe side, turn off the campground water just before you go to bed each night.
  • When your engine seems to be gasping for breath, impurities in the gasoline may have clogged the in-line filter between the gas tank and the engine. Remove the filter, blow out any silt and dirt, and replace the filter. A spare filter is handy to have along.
  • Your daily maintenance routine on the road should include cleaning the windshield and checking the oil levels in the engine and the auxiliary generator. Walk around the RV to check the tires and look for signs of fluid leaks. Dust off the headlights and taillights.
  • If you routinely do your own maintenance, keep in mind that many campgrounds don’t allow guests to change their vehicle’s oil at the campsite because of possible oil spillage on the ground. Try to find an RV supplier with space for changing oil, or go to a large shopping center parking lot if necessary. Carry with you oil and filters for one or two changes, a collection pan and a container to store the oil until you find a facility that accepts used oil.

Next week I’ll start a series on campground advice.

I’ll be back with more…

Bernice Beard

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