RV lightingWhether you are looking to replace your light bulbs or upgrade your fixtures to something more decorative and stylish, there is much you can do to take your RV lighting to the next level.

First off, you definitely want to convert to LED replacement bulbs in your RV (if you haven’t already) since they have a much longer life span and reduce power consumption. Basically, LEDs last tens of thousands of hours whereas regular bulbs only last up to two thousand hours. This allows your lights to consume less power and also extends the life of your bulbs, just by simply switching them out with any of these great deals at Camping World’s online store.  The LED replacement bulbs provide brighter lighting which results in improved visibility throughout your RV.sconce

A simple RV lighting upgrade can be done with new lighting fixtures throughout your RV. Check out Camping World’s latest sale for gorgeous wall sconces, globes, pin-up lights and more. One of my favorites is the Satin Nickel Swing-Arm Sconce, which is stylish and practical at the same time (as you can see to the right). Also, the LED Reading Lamp w/bulb for more than $10 off, which conveniently features a swivel head adjustment plus 155 lumen output.

For some fun outdoor RV lighting ideas, check out the amazing LED Solar Rope lights, which are currently $5 off at Camping World’s online store. These are extremely cost effective since LED lights last for over 100,000 hour and they also harness energy from the sun, staying illuminated for up to 12 hours at a time. The icing on the cake is they have an automatic on/off capability via the built in light sensor AND they cost less than $15 for 50!

With a few tweaks, some new LED lights, and a new fixture or two, your RV will be ready for your summer campouts. Your next trip will not only be well-lit, but your bulbs will see you through for years to come!

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