RV Cooking Show – Mojitos in the Florida Keys

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June 5, 2008

The Florida Keys are an absolute paradise, a fabulous place to visit, with blue skies and even bluer water. Whether you have the opportunity to go this summer to the southernmost point in the continental United States, gorgeous Key West, or not, nothing better than a light and refreshing mojito to transport you there, even if only in an imaginary trip. Follow this video from last summer, in which I provide an overview on traveling through the 3 Florida Keys region and I walk you through a simple, yet delicious mojitos recipe. And remember, if you drink, don’t drive!

If you’d like the recipe in a printer-friendly format, you can see it here..
For more recipes, log on to RVCookingShow.com, it’s delicious. Drop me a line with your comments – I LOVE hearing from you!

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  1. Hi Drew,

    There are so many great parks in the Keys but most are spendy. Chances are you’ll be out exploring towns and beaches more than in the park. Check out a camping directory to narrow parks down then go to RVParkReviews.com to hear what campers have to say. Remember, these are just opinions and experiences vary widely. I usually toss out the best and worst and go from there.

    It really has changed. I wish I bought property down there when I was a young adult and lived in S. Florida. Boy, do I wish!! :>

    So, mix up a mojito, settle into a comfy seat and start planning…

    Hope that helps,


  2. Drew Mueller

    Thanks for the refreshing drink idea. Do you have the name of a favorite rv park in the lower Keys? I havn’t been there since I was a little kid back in the sixties, I’m sure lots has changed.

    Thanks, Drew

  3. It’s just paradise down there. And the winter weather…can’t be beat!!

    Mojitos have become my favorite refresher and always bring forth oohs and aahs when served to guests. Serve them with some of my fantastic Tucson’s Greatest Guacamole (the show was posted here on April 10th). Oh, yeah!!

    Give it a go and let me know what you think…


  4. Great job on the mojitos! The keys are one of my most favorite places in the whole world!!