Are you one of the hundreds of RVers who keep a blog? I am. I love that I can post photos and stories for all my friends and family to know where we are and what we’re doing. I post both pictures and stories of our travels. Sometimes, there’s just too many pictures! That’s where a slideshow comes in handy. Instead of posting 25 pictures and making my reader scroll down and down and down, Picasa Web Albums lets me insert a slide show like the one above.

If you have Picasa Web Albums, you can copy a few lines of code for a slideshow of any one album. Those lines of code can then be pasted into most any blog or other website. If you don’t have Picasa Web Albums, there are ‘show me how’ tutorial videos on my website at To see exactly how I made the slideshow above, play the video below. Or, here is a higher-quality version of the video.

Chris Guld

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  2. Arthur Croasdell


    Thanks for the tutorial on the slide show. I could manage the slide show but as a seperat item in Picassa. Now I will be able to do it much better, many thanks.

    My wife and I are English but live in Spain but we are also spending lots of time in the USA with an F250 and a fifth wheel.

    You may like to have a look at our blog

    Thanks again

    Arthur Croasdell