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August 4, 2010

Manitoba trip route mapThis One Tank Trip seen in the Woodall’s 2010 North American Campground Directory.

Nowhere else is the spirit of Canada more embodied than in Manitoba. In fact, the name originates from the native word manitou, which translates into “spirit.” Right here in Manitoba, you’ll find a bit of everything that Canada stands for: rugged wilderness, eye-popping natural wonders, and metropolitan cities firmly rooted in the 21st century. Whether you’re looking for a total break from civilization, or want to divide your time between the old world and the modern, Manitoba camping can more than accommodate you.

Winnipeg is a good choice for a starting point on this one tank trip. The province’s capital city is filled with exciting things to see and do, including a self-guided tour of Winnipeg’s thriving arts and culture district, which is filled with museums and galleries showcasing every imaginable type of artwork. Fort Gibraltar is a fascinating place to visit, as costumed interpreters give you a glimpse into the days of the Canadian frontier and the fur trade. In June, the annual Cool Jazz Winnipeg festival draws thousands of attendees who enjoy listening to some of the world’s finest jazz and blues artists in various clubs and theaters in and around town.

Travel 20 miles west on Highway 1 and you’ll soon arrive at St. Francois Xavier, known by locals as “White Horse Plain.” Once it was home to the Cree and Sioux tribes, and was founded as a town in the late 1800s. Today, it remains relatively unchanged from the days of old. It’s close enough to the big city’s conveniences, but is rural enough for a relaxing getaway. It’s a terrific place to set up camp by the Assiniboine River, where you can fish, kayak, or go boating to your heart’s content in one of the best locations for Manitoba camping.

From St. Francois Xavier, drive northwest on the PR-430 for about 25 miles into St. Ambroise. This beachside community will provide you with ample opportunities to enjoy time in the sunshine. You can either stay on land and stroll down the boardwalk past the marshlands, where you’ll be treated to glimpses of local wildlife including geese, pelicans and American finches, or take a canoe out to any of the local islets off shore. This is a west-facing beach, so prepare yourself for some truly awesome sunsets.

It’s this mix of rural and metropolitan that keeps travelers coming back to Manitoba year after year, seeking that perfect blend of the wild and the civilized, the rural and the metropolitan, all within a short drive from each other. When you choose Manitoba for your next one tank trip, you’ll witness this duality at work, and be amazed at how far removed you seem to be, while not really being so distant at all.

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