Nada! – a game review

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December 16, 2013

You are camping with your RV and it’s raining.   Television or electronic games could be some options but you would prefer spending time doing something different, something challenging and make memories at the same time.   I’ve got the perfect game for you.  Nada! Is a fun little game that will bring some fun during the not so pleasant days in camping.

Two colors – orange and white –, thirty-six cute little dice and a travel bag. That’s all it takes to play a game of NADA!.  Mostly geared for ages 7 to adult, you can play with 2 to 4 players for about 10 minutes each times.    The game will allow the players to develop skills of focusing, fine motor, visual perception as well as speech/language. 81QJbgBeIIL._AA1500__thumb

Quick thinking and rapidity are the terms that come to mind when I think of this game.  Why?  Well you will need both abilities in order to win.   You need to be very observant and be able to shout rapidly before your opponents spot the same thing as you.

To play you need to take twelve dice from the bags – six oranges and six whites.   Once you have selected the dice, roll them and let them go on the table.   At the same time, all players have to search for a symbol appearing on at least one orange and one white die.   If you spot a match, you have to be the first to call it in order to collect the points.   The points are simple – one point for each dice sporting the image you called…  If there are no matches, you need to be the first to shout NADA! and put your hand flat above the dice to collect all the remaining dice.    When the dice have all been collected, you can start a new round.   After three rounds, the player with the most dice wins!

But wait!  That’s not all…   There are penalties in this game.  If you make a wrong call, roll the dice again and sit out until the start of the next round.   If there is a tie and can’t decide who made the first call, you have to roll again.    The instruction sheet also suggests two variations of the game as well as a multiple games option.

This cute little game can help you kill some time during a rainy day at camp or to simply entertain your family while you are finishing preparing supper.    The game is quick to play and fun at the same time.   All the kids can play together and you can be the referee if needed.   This game is also perfect for a trip, camping or when your child goes to camp.   It’s a great way to spend with friends and family while making memories.

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