Modifying our bathroom – a review for Extend-A-Shower

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August 8, 2011

RV Extend-A-Shower

Created by Stromberg Carlson Products Inc.

About the product

Enjoy the comfort and privacy of your RV’s shower with Extend-A-Shower. Extend-A-Shower creates more room in your RV’s shower so you won’t need to run to the public showers anymore. When not in use it folds out of the way with no tools required. To fold in or out, simply move the main bar to one side, swing one leg in or out, move the bar to the other side and position the other leg.

  • Fits shower stalls 35″- 42″ wide
  • Pivots into your shower stall when not needed.
  • Can be used to drip dry laundry over your shower basin.

Our Thoughts

We always found that our bathroom in our RV was small. And we wished that there was a way to have the area feel bigger at times. One day while looking into an RV magazine, I saw the Extend-A-Shower product being announced. Being a reviewer, I decided to email the company behind this intriguing product to see if we could review one. They accepted and send one to us. I will admit that it took us a while to find the time to install the Extend-A-Shower in our RV. I had received this back in April and not until this past week did we find the time (and motivation) to proceed to the changes in the bathroom of our RV. Before I go on to tell us our thoughts on the products, let me show you how we have installed it over the past week-end.

Below is the space we had in the shower before we installed the Extend-A-Shower. See the proximity of the shower curtain…


The Extend-A-Shower, screws, shower curtain and shower rings waiting to be installed.


Preparing for the installation. Our son Jérémy was my husband’s helper.


Goodbye small space while showering…. I took off the shower curtain while my husband was preparing everything he needed to proceed to the installation.


He asked Jérémy to find four screws that would fit in the holes. Jasmine was observing and helped a bit as well.


The area is all prepared for the installation.


No turning back, holes are being made in the walls…

We encountered a tricky place above the medicine cabinet. But we managed to install the Extend-A-Shower without problems. My husband even put some anchors in the walls before inserting the screws.


Extend-A-Shower extended for when you take a shower.


Extend-A-Shower pushed back in the tub area to give more room when using the sink/mirror. Interestingly enough, I find the bathroom area also has more light coming in because of the Extend-A-Shower when it is pushed back in the bath area.


So much more place in the shower area. It is simply amazing how this product will add much needed space. The difference is as thought you could compare night and day. See for yourself the before and after pictures.


So do you think we love our Extend-A-Shower? Yes we are. It has provided us with much needed space while showering and when we are using the sink. Even the kids are amazed by how much space we were able to get with this fabulous product. Their immediate reaction was

“WoW! I can’t believe how much space we have now!”

Our whole family (yes the six of us) give our two thumbs up for this product. We highly recommend it for any RVers who feels as thought there isn’t enough space in the shower.

My in-laws came over to visit us at the RV this past week-end and they were quite impressed with the added space. They are considering purchasing an RV in the future and my father-in-law is keeping this product in mind in case they need to extend their space in the shower area.

The Extend-A-Shower can be purchased at RV stores everywhere or directly from the manufacturer. Two versions are available – the 35 to 42” is available for purchase 44.95$ while the 54-60” can be purchased for 59.95$.

Disclaimer: I received the product for review purposes. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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  1. Well, we had the same issue and if you look at the picture carefully, we installed it above the cabinet. Now mind you to extend the shower we need to do it on a specific way. I strongly suggest that before installing you hold it in place with your hands and you try it out to make sure it will work properly. Take you time to test it and see if it will work before drilling any holes.

    We love ours and I enjoy a bigger shower now because of this product. I highly recommend it. The difference is amazing!

  2. Carla Allen

    We are considering buying this for our 30ft “new to us” TT but are concerned it will not work with the medicine cabinet. Have you had any issues or did you have to do any special installation? Thanks!

  3. Thanks – I’m still amazed by the space we were able to have in our bathroom since we installed it!

  4. Hey, I like that idea. We had the same problem on our shower room availability. I almost always went to the camp shower to take a shower because of the amount of room available. I’ll be sharing this info with all my friends.

  5. butterbean carpenter

    Howdy Ladybug,

    When we were searching hi & lo for an RV, they were nearly all coat-closet sized showers.. I am 280+

    and did not fit !!! I considered the extended curtain rod, if I couldn’t find a large shower.. It seemed to

    solve the purpose… Luckily I found a motorhome with the circle surround shower that fit my bulk…

    Thanx, for the review and recommendation..