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December 31, 2013

IMG_7040Today is the last day of the year.  By the time you read this more than likely we will already have jumped into the new year of 2014.

As I reflect of our year and think of what the future holds, I can’t help to be somewhat emotional as we have made the decision of leaving the campground where we parked our RV for the past 10+ years or so and move on to new adventures.

We started out with a tent and quickly purchased a used pop-out trailer that my oldest son experience as a toddler.  A few years later we got a travel trailer which our family of six still enjoys to this day.   We love to discover new places and travel with it.   But deep down, I think I will always have a soft spot from the place where we made friends through the years.   The closest ones have also moved to NB this year.  The years go by and changes happen.

As 2013 is slowly moving on and the New Year is just around the corner, I reflected on our time at Logo Land and how it was part of our family life for so many years.

  • My kids learned to RV and take care of it.
  • My kids learned to fish on the lake – caught many fish,  got up close with turtlesIMG_8886, saw loons every year (with their babies), caught frogs and even dissected one, discovered what fish eat by dissecting their stomach, explore the woods, learn to identify birds and plants. Lots of homeschooling done in nature as you can see.
  • We have experienced three seasons each year with our RV there.
  • We celebrated Father’s Day and Canada Day in the area a few times.
  • We explored the area and discovered fun things to do with the kids.
  • We went blueberry and raspberry picking.
  • We visited a dairy farm with the owner of our campground.
  • We tried out geocaching in the area.

Bottom line, we had numerous memories made while we camp there during these years.


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As I write this post, I am a bit emotional of not going back there in 2014.   Our RV is currently sleeping its last winter on the campground and in May we will leave the place knowing we had lot of pleasure and experience great things with our kids.

I think that Cobden and Logos Land will always have a special spot in our hearts simply because of the so many memories we have made there.   But even though part of me is sad of leaving a more than familiar place I also look forward of what we will experience in the future and where our RV adventures will bring us.   The plan for 2014 is to explore new campsites where we could place our RV – a place somewhere in between our home and Toronto so we can decide on a spur of a moment to go to the zoo, Canada’s Wonderland or go pick up peaches and nectarines near Niagara Falls.   We will also do trips with the RV though these depend on the work my husband will have.  Our dream will be to go to Florida either in 2014 or 2015.   Our alternate trips might be Burlington, VT or around Cincinnati (near the border of KT).

Whatever our destination will be in 2014 I am sure that we will enjoy ourselves, discover new places, experience new adventures and have a great time with our kids.   2014 is a year of change for our family.  Change is hard sometimes but it can also mean growth and new memories to make.

Happy New Year everyone!

Are you planning to do a change in your RV life in 2014?  If so what is it?  Please share with us what you are planning to do different.


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