Getting our new Travel Trailer Ready

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March 2, 2008

It Has Begun!

So, if you have been following my blogs, you will already know that we bought a new 2008 Rockwood Travel Trailer. After dealing with the flood at my house, we finally were able to deal with putting our stuff from the old trailer into this new trailer. But, the fun has really begun!

It all started with the hooks. You know, hooks to hang things on like oven mitts, cutting board, etc. Then we moved into the bathroom and thats where we made our biggest change. Our model has a laundry chute in the bathroom which we thought was neat. Now that we have the trailer at home, we realized that we would rather have more storage there. So, now there are shelves built into that space!

Once we were done with the hooks and the new storage shelves, we felt good about our progress! But….the guy in me just wasn’t done! I went to my local big box hardware store and bought a new cordless drill. This drill will stay in the trailer. I also bought a 3/4 inch deep well socket, and extension and an adapter to connect the socket with the extension to the drill. There it was, my new tool for cranking my stabilizer jacks up and down.

We also bought a new shower head for the shower. We wanted one that would allow us to turn the water off at the shower head so our ‘Navy’ showers will be easier to deal with. I haven’t installed it yet, but that will be done soon!

So, what’s left (that I can think of)? Well, I still need to see how/if I can mount my generator on my bumper. I did it on my previous trailer and it was a successful installation. I’m also thinking of buying a new hitch and will report on that in a later entry. we want to add a dust buster. hmmmm….I just can’t think of what else…but I know something will come up!

I do need to add a rear sway bar on my Ford Excursion and hope to get that done soon. I am also talking to someone with an Excursion and he and I might trade my back 60/40 bench seat for his captains chairs. That will be interesting and perhaps I will write about that if I actually do it!

So, the mods have begun! I know that I have just touched the surface and will have to review the ‘Cool Mods’ thread on to get more ideas! If any of you have any neat suggestions, please share it with us so we may all benefit.

See you next Sunday and Happy Camping!

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  487. Bob Kirkham

    If you get overloaded in the rear consider a front receiver for the TV. Worked great for bikes on my previous vehicle.

  488. Bob

    You mentioned that you installed your generator on the trailer bumper. How did you do that?
    I have 2 Honda EU2000i generators that I would like to mount to the rear bumper of my Cardnial 5th wheel. This would have to be a secure installation because I don’t want them to dissapear. I would also like to have a bike rack that will hold 2 bikes.
    Do you have any ideas?