When TrailerSaver introduced the TS3 nine years ago, a new standard for 5th Wheel hitches was set. When Hensley Mfg. bought TrailerSaver three years ago, they raised the bar even higher, and the improvements just keep coming.

Today, Hensley Mfg. offers a 5th Wheel hitch for any sized truck/trailer combination, with or without air-ride.

For the medium duty trucks, Hensley offers the 2H Air-Ride hitch, a 32k adjustable hitch, and a 32k low profile hitch. All are bolt down models.

For the light duty pick-ups with standard rails, Hensley offers the TS3 Air-Ride hitch, a 26k adjustable hitch, and a 19k adjustable hitch.

Why air ride? Because a 5th wheeler normally needs a heavy suspension truck, the solid connection of a standard hitch creates severe bouncing and fore-aft motion in the truck and trailer. Wear and tear on the vehicle and trailer results, not to mention broken dishes and aching backs. TrailerSaver owners will tell you that their hitch greatly improved their RV experience and kept them behind the wheel for many more years than they otherwise would have expected.

New to Hensley’s line-up is the BD3 Air-Ride hitch, featuring an easy to remove and install two piece design. According to Hensley management, the BD3 is quickly replacing the TS3 as their top selling hitch. The lower price and easy to remove system makes it ideal for the weekender or the RVer who wants the bed of his or her truck empty when not towing.

All of Hensley’s 5th wheel hitches include an improved version of the heavy-duty Holland/Binkley hitch head, featuring 1-1/8” thick jaws that completely encircle the kingpin for a solid connection. The 2H, TS3, and BD3 all use two air-bags and two shock absorbers (optional on the 2H) to offer the smoothest ride available from any 5th wheel hitch manufacturer.

BD3 Air-Ride Hitch

BD3 Air-Ride hitch

For a limited time, Hensley Mfg. is also offering a trade-in program. Trade in your current hitch for aTrailerSaver Air-Ride hitch and you can save several hundred dollars. Call 1-800-410-6580 for details. You can visit Hensley TrailerSaver on line at www.TrailerSaver.com.

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  1. Mchrisp

    First time 5th wheeler, purchased my 40 foot 18k tri-axle Toyhauler and did extensive research on hitches and pin boxes. I have had the TS3 with the Remote Air pump since December and made several trips to Florida and Alabama from Virginia. I will have to say, this is one smooth ride on my 2008 Dually. You can not feel the trailer behind you going down there road. It is a remarkable hitch, and I would recommend it to anyone that is pulling a 5th wheel.

  2. niel jewdy

    I bought a trailersaver in 04 it is a good unit however i have had some issues with it i still need to resolve

  3. James harvill

    dear sirs i purchased a new hensley ts3 fifth wheel hitch in Feb of 2009 & then i went to Ariz. & while down there i sold my existing reese 15k hitch for a mere 50 dollars as it was no longer needed& just taking up space, upon my arrival back in Co. i received an e-mail stating that Hensley was now offering a 300 dollar trade in on the purchase of a new hensley hitch , i was not offered this choice upon my purchase & feel that this is bad public relations & does not give me a good feeling about Hensley Mfg.