Get the Heck in to Dodge at Gunsmoke RV Park

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March 31, 2018

Dodge City Kansas offering you the fun, excitement, and history of the “Old West”. Come walk the same streets as Wyatt Earp and Bat Masterson, legends in their own time as they fought to bring law and order to the streets of Dodge City. Lawlessness reigned, creating the need for a burial place at Boot Hill Cemetery the most famous burial ground in all western lore.

Gunsmoke RV Park - new owners, Kevin & Viki McGee.

Stop in and meet the new owners, Kevin & Viki McGee.

You can experience all the history at the Boot Hill Museum on Wyatt Earp Boulevard. You can belly up to the bar for a cold sarsaparilla, enjoy some of grandma’s homemade fudge in the General Store, or take home a lasting memento of your old west experience from the Boot Hill gift shop. Daily summer entertainment includes living history displays, gunfight re-enactments, and country-style dinners. You can see the world famous Boot Hill Gunfighters face off twice a day. Kick up your heels at the Long Branch Saloon variety show. Cool off in the Ice Cream Parlor where you can become a character of the past in an Old West Photo. Relive the legend in historic downtown Dodge City.

There is free RV parking in front of Boot Hill Museum near the train and depot.  There is no charge for parking.

Buffalo once roamed the area and in 3 years over 3 million were killed for their hides. A good buffalo hunter could make more than $100 per day in the 1800’s. Cattle drives also became big business. Dodge City became known as a rough and rowdy cattle town at the midpoint of the Santa Fe Trail which runs from Missouri to New Mexico.

See Fort Dodge, an important outpost on the western frontier. It was a supply base for troops engaged in fighting the Indian Wars on the plains and was established to protect wagon trains moving along the trail carrying supplies. The fort is located just a few miles east of Dodge City.

Gunsmoke RV Park - outdoor poolGunsmoke RV Park

On the western edge of all the action is Gunsmoke RV Park. Facilities were built to resemble an old western town with a general store, bath house, and game room. The office surrounds a large beautiful swimming pool sure to cool you off on a hot western day.

Stop in and meet the new owners, Kevin & Viki McGee. They have big plans to make sure your stay in Dodge City is both pleasant and exciting. Located at the intersection of business US 50 and US 50 3 miles west of Boot Hill.

Gunsmoke RV Park

11070 108th St., Dodge City, KS

(620) 227-8247


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