The perfect setting for the ultimate adventure awaits you.

Take your seat and become a part of history. Sitting in front of the 6-story Grand Canyon IMAX screen you will feel as though you were there when the Canyon was first carved with water, erosion, and seismic activity. Fly above and through this majestic Wonder of the World, raft on the waters of the river below it, and experience the remarkable journey that took 6 million years to create.

In a mere 34 minutes you will see countless angles of this majestic 270 miles long and one mile deep masterpiece of nature that no human could witness on their own.

Travel along with explorers who braved these unchartered chasms. Spread your wings and feel as though you are soaring above and below the jagged cliffs. Descend into the mysterious depths as you discover locations where very few have explored. You’ll feel as though you can reach out and touch this immense, amazing, and breathtaking gorge that lies in front of you because no other theater screen could possibly do the Grand Canyon justice.

After you witness this feat of cinematography, you’ll find yourself catching your breath and ready to explore each rim of the Grand Canyon in detail, and within the Visitor Center you can pick up maps and information to do just that.



Photos Supplied: Grand Canyon Imax

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