IMG_4006The best time in the year to have RV service carried out would be during the RV off season. This would eliminate the stress of loss of use during the time that you really need it.  There would be no rush to obtain the parts therefore reducing shipping charges from “Overnight Air” to “Road Delivery.”

Many RV service shops and manufacturer factory service centers offer a reduced rate during the winter season. This can further reduce the repair costs by a 10% or so discount on labour.

If you happen to want to have a substantial project done, like a full interior renovation, you may save or eliminate the need for winter storage should the job warrants such a time frame.

Newmar, for example, offers a 10% reduction on labour charges during a portion of the winter. So, check with your RV manufacturer’s service center or your local shop and see what they offer for off-season work.  You may gain less on season downtime while enjoying valuable savings.

Camping World, also offers a host of services, with 115+ SuperCenters across the United States.

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