Frogg Toggs will make rainy days more enjoyable!

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July 4, 2013

Recently, as we were looking for a rain suit for my husband because he wanted to go fishing when it would rain to see how good it  logo would be, we stumbled on an interesting option for him.  I knew that if he would go with a plastic rain coat, it wouldn’t be a good fit for him.   He also wanted to have something for his legs – some sort of pant to protect him from the rain.

While checking the various products offered at the Wal-Mart in Ogdensburg, I immediately saw something that I knew would be perfect for him.   A rain suit made out of material instead of plastic.  The item was a bit pricier than the other ones offered by another company but looked perfect for my husband who wouldn’t have been comfortable in a plastic kind of outfit.

So I pointed out the rain suit from Frogg Toggs to him and immediately he said, “That’s interesting!”  He looked at it and decided immediately to try it out to see how comfortable he would be.    The XL was a fabulous fit for him.    At first he was a bit skeptic that the material would keep the water out and protect him from the rain.  But after reading the information attached to it, he was conviIMG_8136nced and decided to purchase it.

It didn’t took long for him to try the rain suit and it wasn’t during a fishing trip.   We had the pleasure to camp with my in-laws on Father’s Day week-end but unfortunately on the Sunday it was raining quite a lot.    We have taken the habit to close the RV when we leave to go back in town and always close the pop-up since we don’t know when we would be back.    Doing this task in the rain is not fun but thanks to Frogg Toggs the task was more enjoyable.      He was very impressed with the protection he got from the rain and the fact that he wasn’t feeling too warm in it (compared to plastic rain suits).

He also took the time to help his dad to install the sway bars on his truck when they left that morning.   It was the first time my in-laws were camping with their RV.   Once we got back home, we dried the rain suit and folded it into a bag.


Next time, we are visiting a Wal-Mart in the US; my husband is planning to purchase one for me.   We wanted to try one out before deciding to purchase another one.   We are so impressed with the comfort of this rain suit that I will get one as well.

Not only this rain suit is perfect for fishing on rainy days but it’s a great investment to allow you to close and pack up your RV when it’s pouring rain on the day of your departure.   And between you and me, nothing will stop my husband and I to go on a walk in the fall when it’s raining a bit.  *grin*

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