Free RV Trip Planning Tool!

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September 5, 2016

Plan your next trip using the online trip planning tool. Get driving directions, trip itineraries, travel guides and points-of-interest along the way.

Good Sam’s Trip Planner features tools and information designed to help you have the best road trip – every time. When planning RV or car trips, you can make use of:

  • Point-to-point trip planning
  • Research and add Good Sam Parks to your route
  • Search thousands of Points of Interest and add to your route
  • Calculate fuel costs and travel time
  • Options include avoiding highways and/or tolls
  • Use RV travel filters to see low clearance and tunnel warnings
  • Download trips to your Good Sam GPS

Plan a Trip Today!


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  1. Anonymous

    RE: trip planning
    How do I add: Avoid Atlanta, Nashville, and Chicago???

  2. Anonymous

    How do I use trip planner