Exploring the Natural World as you Travel in Your RV

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April 16, 2014

image001When I think of camping—whether it’s in a tent or an RV—I can’t help but immediately ponder nature. When I grew up and camped with the Girl Guides, we always explored our surroundings and took advantage of nature at its full potential.

I want the same for my kids every time we camp with our RV—whether in our province or on vacation. That’s why they got introduce early to fishing. But there is so much more about nature. So I figure that I could present you with a few good books that I consider jewels when it comes to discover nature and exploring it.

The first book I am presenting you in this blog post is The Practical Naturalist, which was published at DK in association with the National Audubon Society. This book will allow you to experience the wonders of nature and show you what is living in each habitat—jungle, sea, mountain or city. I consider it a perfect book for traveling with your kids, as it will inform you about the habitat where you are camping and what you can find there.

I will admit that I’m an enthusiast about this book. I pack it every time we are heading for vacation, as I know it will be useful. This book is very versatile, as you can use it practically anywhere you go. In these pages you can find a lot of information about farmland, deciduous woodlands and coniferous forests, mountains, lakes, rivers, streams, as well as coastal information on beaches, cliffs, wetlands and oceans.

The book will allow you to explore your surroundings and identify animals, birds, plants, weather and much more. For example, in the forest chapter, you will have the information you need to identify animal tracks you might encounter on your nature walks. However, in the coast chapter, you will learn how the tides happen, what you can do between the tides and learn to identify the shorebirds you can find near the ocean.

The book is packed with photos, drawings, and sketches that will only give you the best experience in discovering nature with your family. I think this book is perfect for a family willing to learn new things about their surroundings while camping.

The book The Practical Naturalist is available for purchase at amazon.com.

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