Get Covered: Protection that goes beyond the manufacturer’s warranty

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April 30, 2013

Before hitting the road for RV adventures, make sure your vehicle is protected. Sure, your RV may have a manufacturer’s warranty, but is it as comprehensive as you’d like? Does it protect all the components for the same length of time? Knowing that your RV is covered will take your mind off worrying about potential wear and tear and help you focus on the fun that’s around the next corner.

Here are some tips on selecting coverage for your RV that goes beyond the manufacturer’s warranty.

 Even Coverage Between Coach and Chassis
Both original and extended warranty coverage for RVs are usually divided into coach and chassis. Coach coverage through the manufacturer lasts about one year. Chassis coverage generally lasts three years. Consumers can purchase an extended warranty at the time of RV purchase to help even out the coverage on these two areas

 Different Types of Coverage
Consumers can choose between extended warranties or mechanical breakdown insurance (MBI).

 Extended warranties are also known as vehicle service contracts (VSCs) as defined by state law. VSCs aren’t exact duplicates of the manufacturer’s warranty and may not be as comprehensive. However, the manufacturer’s warranty on each individual component and appliance in an RV may expire at different times. That’s usually not the case with extended warranties or VSCs.

Mechanical Breakdown Insurance prices must comply with fair and reasonable price limits that are set by state insurance departments. It’s also good to know that the funding for MBI claims is held in reserve by large regulated underwriters. That’s extremely valuable to the MBI contract holder if the company were to go out of business for any reason.

 Read the Fine Print
Before signing an agreement, take the time to read the Terms and Conditions carefully. Disagreements can arise when repair or replacement hinges on “pre-existing conditions” or “wear and tear.” Reputable companies will have a network of independent field inspectors who will actually visit the repair facility in person and take photos of there are any doubts regarding your claim. If there are obvious signs of something that was damaged prior to taking out the policy (rust, old fluid leaks, evidence of prior repairs), the claim could be denied.

Get the Best
Good Sam offers an Extended Service Plan that complies with stringent insurance regulations and is the only Recreational Vehicle plan available that is backed by an A+ insurance underwriter.



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