Don't speed pass that vacant lot!

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March 11, 2009

One thing I’ve done in my travels and full-timing is slow down and try and “smell the roses”. I have found so many things nearly free to do and see it’s been great. I finally got my anchor spot (seasonal site) and free to come and go. I took a deep breath and took the blinders off and it was amazing at what I saw.  I spent my whole career running red lights and sirens and 100 mph and realized it was time to slow down and enjoy the RV lifestyle and things that didn’t cost gobs of money. As I indicate in my books there is so much to do, see and enjoy for nearly nothing.

One example is what a ordinary vacant lot had to offer. This vacant lot was right behind my park. Well getting away from the keyboard and emails I was able to get my eyes readjusted to the real world! I took a walk and it’s amazing what am ordinary vacant lot can provide one. A vacant lot with a little rubble pile yielded quite a bit actually. It’s amazing what one might find in life if they just slow down a bit, take a deep breath and look around. This vacant lot had a lot to give. It yielded a bit of astonishing beauty actually……


A million dollar view of the ocean to the west…


An old flower planter that was revived with $2.50 worth of flowers and planting soil… They have really grown and has become very colorful and nice.


I had been eying this little red (used to be, now rust) lying among some other stuff and kept wondering, what can I do with that? I’m always brainstorming something. Well I asked the owner if they wanted it and they said no take it away! That I did. I then placed it strategically in front of my coach, filled it with potting soil and planted flowers in it. I also added a night time touch and put 2 of my solar lights in as well and it lights up the flowers at night. Also in this junk pile as some call it I found a little ceramic frog on a Lilly pad so included that too rather than it go to the dumpster. Nice accent to my site and didn’t cost me hardly anything. Amazing what you can do with an old rusted discarded wagon. I left it as is for that “antique look.  I can push it back under my overhang during heavy rains or like today when it lets up to showers I’ll pull it out to let it get some good old healthy rain water. The flowers have now really took off and are doing great!


All this for less than $10 and the million dollar view I got for free! Slow down in your travels, take a deep breath and don’t miss the little free things offered. Amazing what a peaceful walk through a vacant lot or any place can provide in your travels. In my books I’ve mentioned many things I’ve done, places and things to see which are free. My walk in the vacant lot provided a free entertaining afternoon along with a few nearly free projects!

Tony (aka Firedude)


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  2. Get out and walk. Smell the flowers.

  3. Bob D.

    Okay, one more neat event tip. In several places recently I have seen accounts of trips to Quartzite, AZ. This is a great place to have a free weekend of fun. Okay, you have to get yourself there and it works better if you have something to camp in. Camping is free but with no hook ups. We have a generator for the few times that we may actually need it like a quick burst to microwave something. Although I must state if you turn on the generator you should leave it on for at least 15 minutes to lube itself and move the gas around in the carborator etc. Make use of the electricity by charging batteries or cellphones etc.

    In January of 09 we bought several things. I bought a Stereoptic viewer for my Steroptic card collection. Those are the post cards that have two pictures nearly the same and you move the card in the viewer back and forth until you have achieved the spot where it becomes 3-D. The Steroptic viewer is pre-View Master. I now have the camera that takes the view master pictures as well. I can take 3-D view master pictures of our 2009 family reunion or ocean cruise. I can save them for our grand children to look at in the future.

  4. Bob D.

    I too like to take advantage of free, or almost free, things.

    My wife and I may stroll down by the water front and look at the boats moored there. We daydream about where we could go with a boat like that to a deserted island. I told her I have dibs on being the “Professor” and she can be “Ginger” like in “Gilligan’s Island”. Daydreaming like that doesn’t take long after all it is only a “three hour tour”.

    Another free bee was a cheap date behind the Disneyland Hotel. No charge to go there and they had a spectacular light show on the wall of water. It has been awhile. I don’t know if they still do that or not.

    Do you want to walk down memory lane for free? Near us in Whittier there is a large antique mall. No charge to go look but the danger is you may come away with something that you had to have. We spent most of a Saturday in there and did not see half of it. It houses that skate key that you forgot about. It had the wired remote control coca cola truck that had cases of coke in miniature with little individual bottles of coke. I had that when I was a kid in the 50’s. That would be a nice place to take mom and dad to reminisce. Then again you might tell stories that you forgot that they have not heard yet. Have you been to a antique mall? What have you found that you forgot about?

  5. Hi Judy,
    Thanks for the note.:) It’s been nice to slow down and “smell the roses” if you would. In my travels I’ve found so many opportunities to slow down and enjoy what nature has to offer versus speeding down the highway with everything in between zipping by! Hope your snow goes away SOON be sage.


  6. Judy

    It is nice to relax and see what this old world has to offer once in a while. I envy you so for the anchor spot that you have. I am still wading through the snow. Thanks for your articles and yes, I have your books. Keep smiling