Hit the Road with Pay-As-You-Go TV for Your RV – only from DISH Network

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June 22, 2011

Are you an RVer who just needs satellite TV service while you travel? Don’t want a year-long commitment? You can sign up for a no-contract plan in which you only pay for the months that you travel. This presents huge savings – you won’t have to pay a monthly bill all year long. You can start and stop monthly service as many times as you want at no charge. The program offers HD programming and the convenience of having a dedicated receiver in your RV. There’s no better offer for those who want to enjoy television while they travel!

Key features of our Pay-as-you-go program include:

  • No contract required
  • No charges to start or stop monthly service
  • HD programming
  • Compact HD receiver
  • View your off-air channels through your HD receiver

Have a Ku-band mobile satellite antenna? Want HD in-motion?

Only DISH Network offers HD programming with any Ku-band mobile satellite antenna!

To learn more, visit www.dish.com/rv.  We are also in all Camping World stores.

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  1. Scott Kingsland

    I signed up for dish network the first of Oct and paid for the month. I didn’t need it again until Dec. so I let it go. I now get bills in the mail and phone calls telingl me to pay up or lose the service.

    So much for you can start and stop monthly service as many times as you want.

  2. Dan Donovan

    I purchased the same unit and had problems with it but trees were blocking so have waited to try when we use it . August we will be in Merry Knolls campground for a week and i will try again.
    Hope it works.
    Dan Donovan

  3. Paula Melfa

    My husband and I are thinking of getting satellite and wonder about what server is best and how well it works to start and stop service as advertised by Dish?

  4. Jay – Where can I go to learn the “drill” you mentioned? Are these “drill” instructions available on-line somewhere? I guess I should have completed my education at MIT. Also, does Dish have “secret agents” that write positive comments so their business doesn’t suffer? Just curious!

  5. Jay Ward

    I’ve had Dish service for many years… both at home and on the road. I, too, have an automatic Winegard dish on the roof of my 5’ver. No problems– works like a champ. I have 2 VIP 211 HD receivers ( out of 4 total) and have had no problems with either. One comes from home when we travel, the other stays in the RV. That one has to be reauthorized sometimes because it’s not connected, but Dish customer service has been great. Having done it a few times I know the drill– but usually it takes no more than a few moments to talk to a human– english speaking and somewhere in the U-S– and presto! problem resolved. Dish service gets five stars from me.

  6. I agree with Larry Collins. We have been Dish customers for about 6 months now and their Customer Service is the worst. I’d like to be able to talk to their CEO we saw on that TV program “Undercover Boss” and share our negative experiences with his company. Every time I’ve called I “get” to play phone “menu hopscotch” and then they state that if I actually talk to someone it will cost $5.00. Ours is an HD system with 2 receivers in our 5th wheel. The Dish retailer in Pahrump, NV (Bill) has been wonderful whenever I need help but we.re in Montana now for the summer. I still call him anyway if we have questions because he speaks English as a “first” language!!

  7. George Darley

    I would not advise purchasing Dish pay as you go. I made this mistake going on a year ago. If I had not had a background in electrical/electronics,the darn thig would have never worked! The system I purchased was the wineguard automatic dish with the vip211kDish Receiver. This system is the most ill programmed-un-reliable piece of crap I have ever bought! And do not bother to call Dish Tech support,,I was told “sorry,,we dont service motor homes!!!” This system costantly drops programming and fails to switch sattelites to correspond with channel sellection changes.

  8. Larry Collins

    I would like for Dish network to know that the reason I left them after eight years was because I had to deal with a person out side of the U.S. who did not give a hoot about me as a customer. If they take care of older customers as they should with U.S. service they would not push us off to Direct (By the way of which I don’t like) Some one in their company should try and find out why old customers leave and correct that and they would see customer base jump back up.

    Thanks hope this gets to the right person. Larry Collins