DWhile on any road trip, there comes a time when you need to pull over and choose a rest stop.  Whether it is to relieve yourself, give your achy muscles a break, or just witness a beautiful view for more than just a passing glance; the necessity to pull off the highway inevitably presents itself.

If you are traveling with kids, this necessity becomes alarmingly more frequent than traveling sans kids.  For this reason, rest stops with kids should be made at different types of places, such as those with play structures, parks and big wide open places where they can exert some energy to help wear out some of their seemingly endless supply.  For example, when traveling on I-10 in California, there are some dinosaurs (that are extremely large and look very real, at least to a kids’ eyes) that are a must-see.  We stopped at them whenever passing, on our way to Texas or Palm Springs, as a kid. I just recently took my kids there this spring on our way home from Palm Springs and they loved it. We also enjoyed some ice cream from the nearby Burger King as a special treat.

When you are only traveling with adults you can adjust your rest stops according to the kinds of places you want to see, whether it be scenic vistas which also provide restrooms, rest stops with clean restrooms and coffee for cheap, or diners for a yummy meal en-route.  There are also fun places to stop where you can shop at their cute gift shops while using their facilities as well.  There is one such place en route to Palm Springs as well, off the I-10 that we love to stop, which is called Chiriaco Summit Cafe and Gift Shop.  This beautiful location offers much for travelers to see and do, who are on their way in the desert, right off Interstate 10 in California.

When choosing rest stops, think about who is traveling with you and whether they would rather shop, run, or eat.  Then plan accordingly and enjoy the rest of your road trip.


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