Carschooling: Over 350 Entertaining Games and Activities to Turn Travel into Learning Time

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March 10, 2014

CarschoolingAs a homeschool mom, I believe that my kids can learn at any moment during a day. And fortunately—or unfortunately depending on your point of view—we also emphasize learning when we are traveling. To be honest, I think that our vacations are the best times to learn something outside of our regular environment. When we go to the U.S. or a different city in Canada, we always try to include visits to museums or historical sites.

So you shouldn’t be surprised if today I present you a book that will help you stimulate the brain of your kids while you are driving to your destination. It’s called Carschooling: Over 350 Entertaining Games and Activities to Turn Travel into Learning Time. I can’t help but find this book fascinating. It’s a well-known book among homeschoolers but all traveling families can also use it. This book might save you from the never-ending question, “Are we there yet?” by allowing you to incorporate learning activities while on the road.

Whether you have to run a five-minute errand or take a 500-mile road trip, it’s possible to enhance and supplement your children’s education with fun activities, resources and games that will allow kids’ skills in math, science and grammar to improve.

Each chapter gives you numerous ideas to implement in your own travels as well as a list of items to bring. The book also provides numerous books titles that can be interesting for you as well as Internet sites to explore before the trip.

This book is specifically geared for kids as young as four years old and as old as seventeen years old. There is something for everyone in your family and I’m sure that even the adults in the vehicle will enjoy the games and activities found in it. Carschooling allows you to challenge your family in developing brain cells and reduce the need of electronic games or non-stop movies. It will boost the knowledge of everyone and allow you to discover a different way to spend meaningful time together in the car. Finally, these activities will allow you to build life-long memories for kids and adults alike.

This summer as you plan your vacations and consider the traveling time you will have with your family, why not invest in a creative book that will allow you to entertain as well as educate your family at the same time? Carschooling is available on in printed edition for 18.89$ or kindle edition for 8.97$.

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