Am I a Full-timer? I think so…

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April 27, 2009

I was in the valley over Easter spending time with family and stayed with them. During my stay I observed some humorous things. It made me think a little and laugh a lot and wondered if after nearly 7 years if I was a seasoned full-timer or what.

I found myself at everyone’s house trying to flush their toilet with my foot. I also found myself turning the water off a couple times in the shower while scrubbing down then turning it back on and almost asked my brother how often he dumped his tanks. Little things like that. I watched my sons neighbor who’s a friend of mine mow his lawn and work up a sweat. I myself got tired watching him and have to have something cool to drink with him afterwards.

It seemed like a half day event to walk from one end of the house to the other, it was like an adventure walk. I looked around my brother’s house and thought, what in the world would I do with all this stuff!? He had more stuff in his garage than I had in my whole RV! I did get a little choked up seeing my old mower and weed eater, but was glad they were still together. I had raised them their whole life and that was one of the things that really bothered me in leaving on my full-time adventures, splitting the two up and in different homes. Sure glad my brother came to the rescue!

One family member told me they sure wished they could do what I was doing, but I told them to forget it as it was cost prohibitive as house movers cost a fortune!

I drove by my old house and stopped. I started thinking of mowing that lawn, painting, cleaning the garage and all the other laborious tasks I once had. I’ve been spoiled beyond return! I must say the new owner had appeared to taken good care of the place. Most of my old neighbors had moved on except for a few and they were getting ready to go full-timing of all tings! Three I spoke with were within weeks of departing. They were very surprised to see me, but also told me the neighborhood had gone downhill pretty bad with less than desirable characters. I kind of had a feeling of missing the place a bit and all my former neighbors. That sinking feeling hit me for a good 20 to 30 seconds! After that sinking feeling left reality had hit me that sales tax had gone to 10%, property taxes had risen, my old neighbor was mad because he was paying property taxes for a house he bought for 250K and now worth 150K, then the DMV tags double in June. Now where did I put that map of Idaho???

I think if I ever had to get off the road it would be placing my RV somewhere on land or get a small condo. It might be difficult as I’d have some prerequisites such as holding tanks, foot flushing toilets, propane tanks, walls that slide out and a few others.

I enjoyed my Easter visit and the grand kids, but I can honestly say I was glad to return home to my RV on the beach and start pondering my summer travels. The visit was a funny one in that it was much like visiting an adventure park, but once the excitement was over it was time to go “home”.

Ah yes….nothing like a foot flushing potty, view of the ocean and the simple life. If I never own another mower or weedeater it’s OK by me.


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  2. We have been at it 2 years and love no mowing lawns and not being owned by a house

  3. Dennis

    Getting ready to leave W.V and go to idaho to host in a camp ground, been doing this for 4 years now and will be there for 6 months or more. Almost full timers but I can’t pull myself away from all my stuff here at the house. Always have a great time hosting and love being in different areas but love to come to, wife wants to go full time and I just need a push to get me going. maybe this year will do it, good luck on your travels hope to see you on the road, great blog

  4. omjones

    As my inyernet friend says, “If I had to pay for this view back where home was, it would cost a million dollars. Here it’s 40 bucks a month with discount card for state parks.

  5. Great column! We’re visiting our old hometown right now, and I have experienced the very same feelings.

  6. George Wendling

    I love your last story. It hits home,why live with 5 vehicles a 3 story house 2 acres to mow,and all that goes with it ? I spend as much time as I can in my sweet rv. It takes time to care for it, as any thing but less of it. Thank you. GW

  7. lbrachfe

    Does my electric toilet without the pedal still qualify me ? I love watching others mow the lawn, rake leaves, paint, etc., etc., etc.

    We are Fulltime for life……………..