A Clean Trailer Makes for a Happy Camper

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June 18, 2010

Or at least  Hubby is a happy camper.In honor of Father’s Day on Sunday, I’d like to talk about the guys who take such pride in their rigs. They shine them up before each camping trip, they wash, wax and even scrub if they have to. Hubby is one of those men, so I thought I’d talk about how he keeps the trailer so nice.

cleaning the camper

Little Man helping Hubby clean the camper

Black marks are a  scourge to the camping world, if you’ve got a camper, you’ve got black marks, (unless of course you’ve got a black camper, but I’m not really sure about that, because we’ve never owned one personally). So at least once a season Hubby gets his scrub sponge and his cleaner and takes away the black marks. The instructions say to not leave the cleaner on to dry, so while one person can do it, it goes a lot easier with two. (our motto seems to be many hands make light work) Also it’s best to do this in the shade, to allow yourself more time to work with the product before it dries.

So after all the black marks are gone, Hubby washes it down with Simple Green, then goes back and uses a “wash and wax”. This system seems to keep the black streaks at bay for the most part.

If you’ll indulge me, I’d like to take a minute to thank my dad for helping me catch the camping bug all those years ago.  I’m not sure how he talked mom into going camping with seven kids in a tent (really, it’ll be fun, you’ll get to do everything you do at home but with no running water  close by and cooking all the meals with a Coleman stove and over the fire.) So thanks Mom for being such a good sport about it all those years. And thanks Pop for all the camping memories, I love you both.

 Pop cooking on the grill

Pop maning the grill at his 4th of July picnic

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  1. I really admire your hard work to keep your camper clean. I thought that cleaning it inside every spring was hard enough. And I admire your mother even more for camping in a tent with 7 children. Nowadays most people do not have that many children, and if they do I have never seen them camping!