Winterize Your Rig with RV Antifreeze Concentrate

If you choose to winterize your rig, you’ll need antifreeze. The #1 bestselling RV antifreeze concentrate is Camco’s aptly named RV Antifreeze Concentrate ( This concentrate works like Mighty Mouse, delivering all the strength of regular antifreeze but with only one third of the usual weight.

As Yoda once said, "CONCENTRATE!" (Click the pic for more info.)

As Yoda once said, "CONCENTRATE!" (Click the pic for more info.)

Subfreezing winter temperatures put your RV pipes at risk. Since water expands as it freezes, pipes can burst and cause extensive, expensive damage to your RV. So what’s the solution? As Jedi Master Yoda once said to Luke Skywalker: “Concentrate!” (Who knew that Yoda winterized his RV?)

Antifreeze works by lowering the freezing temperature of water below its normal 32˚F so that the water won’t freeze and thus won’t expand, keeping your plumbing safe from ice. Don’t fret if your antifreeze appears slushy when it is cold; a little slush is normal.

Camco’s RV Antifreeze Concentrate is typically sold in a 2-pack of bottles. The bottles are actually underfilled from the factory with the correct amount of antifreeze so your job is to “just add water.” After diluting the concentrate with water you can use it the way you would any other antifreeze.

Most vehicular antifreeze is dangerous around pets, but not this RV stuff. RV antifreeze is GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) by the FDA.

As a side note, you should always quickly clean up any vehicular antifreeze spills because it is highly toxic, yet animals like to drink it because it tastes sweet. Thankfully, in December 2012 manufacturers voluntarily agreed to add a bittering agent to vehicular antifreeze – but pet owners should still take precautions. Again, this RV antifreeze is safe.

CON-CEN-TRATE! Yoda always winterized his rig on Degobah.

CON-CEN-TRATE! Yoda always winterized his rig on Degobah.

Indeed, this RV antifreeze is touted as a non-toxic, non-hazardous formula that’s safe around pets and kids (although I really hope you discourage your kids from drinking antifreeze). That makes sense, since you are putting it in your RV water lines.

It is even 100% biodegradable, although I don’t recommend randomly dumping it in a ditch. The authorities and your neighbors tend to frown on such behavior.

This Camco RV antifreeze offers burst protection down to -50˚F for the cold winter months. If you need protection below -50˚F, my best suggestion is that you utilize your RV wheels and head south for the winter.

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