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Blogging for Good Sam has given me a chance to share some great travel experiences with fellow RVers.

I retired as regional general manager of a national RV rental and sales company after 10 years to join the on-the-road community of fulltime RVers. Before I became a Good Sam RV blogger, I taught classes to fellow RVers and have written destination and nature articles for several magazines, including MotorHome, Trailer Life and Good Sam publications.

After my wife, Lynn, and I chose the road of fulltime RVing, we set off with mountain bikes and a double sea kayak strapped to our dinghy vehicle’s roof. We had hiking boots in the closet, ready to pursue what we loved most: exploring America’s extraordinary byways, parks, deserts, forests, trails and waterways.

We’ve been to so many unforgettable destinations that it’s hard to pick a favorite, but an all-inclusive top choice would be our incredible national parks. Ranking at the top of the national parks as a Good Sam RV blogger, I would pick those with the most scenery and with abundant wildlife, especially Yellowstone, Glacier, Grand Canyon, Zion, Sequoia and Yosemite.

Find more of my fun adventures here. See you on the road!

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  1. Anonymous

    We are looking forward to hearing more of your adventures on The Good Sam blog, Bob. Particularly like to hear about trails and activities you’ve enjoyed at the parks.
    Thanks, Cyndy and Mike

  2. Anonymous

    Odd seeing you in an established RV park. You are my boondocking Guru!

    • Bob Difley

      That photo is Lake Havasu State Park Windsor Beach where I hosted for three winters and conducted various talks at the park and the city library. The host sites (2) had the only hookups in the campground. What a luxury.

  3. Anonymous

    Hello Bob,

    My wife and I are about to set off on this crazy adventure as well, leaving behind our corporate jobs and hitting the road in October. We bought a 5th wheel and are taking the Harley as well, any words of wisdom or advice for two newbies?

    • Bob Difley

      You won’t be newbies for long. Just get out and go where your curiosity takes you, don’t rush – you may miss something, enjoy every day, and if a side road beckons, take it, you may not get a second chance. Happy Travels.

  4. Anonymous

    Ghost Town and Fluorescent Mineral wall can be seen at and in Arizona near Yuma non-profit and really exciting

  5. Anonymous

    Hello , we are going to the Ghost town of Chesterfield, Idaho in October, and was wondering if you have been there?


  6. Anonymous

    Grateful for the information and the opportunity to go with you as you take the road less traveled. After several years of travel by automobile, we purchased an RV in April and have fallen in love with the lifestyle. We upgraded to a larger travel trailer this week and can’t wait to get it on the road. We share all of our adventures on our website, Easin’ Along ( Please look it over and if you ever need a guest post, we would love to hear from you. Joe and Helen in Tennessee