promo9We are getting organized now for our summer family camping trip in May for Memorial Day. Why now, a month and a half early?  Well, we have kids, for one, and we have things that we need to buy, so getting organized ahead of time is the best way to save some money on all the expenditures that inevitably come along with summer family camping.

We plan to kick off the summer by camping with friends at the lake this year.  I have already started making a mental checklist as to what I plan to bring. It’s a good idea when summer family camping with kids to start thinking about what you will need, ahead of time, for many reasons. For instance, water shoes are a must for kids to wear at the lake. Now, if I waited until the last minute, I would have to pay full price for a pair of water shoes that they will only use a handful of times this summer. By thinking ahead, I can start looking for water shoes (or other camping necessities) at online sales (like Camping World), thrift stores, garage sales, and consignment stores (such as Little Birdy Lane). This way I can probably find water shoes for both my kids for under $10, simply by starting my shopping now as opposed to the week before we camp.

Come to think of it, both kids need new swim suits too.  So now I have the start of a list of things to keep an eye out for in the next few weeks.  We are going to bring the bikes and kayak with us as well.  So, I definitely need to make sure I have two life vests for the kids too.  There really is quite a lot to think about and start planning for.  With my list started, I am feeling much more organized and excited for our trip.

When planning a summer family camping trip with the kids, it is always good to plan and think ahead so that you can start getting organized and shop NOW for the best deals instead of waiting until the last minute.

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