Dog Park Finder for Pet Travelers

I meet more people because of my dog Sadie. She is extremely friendly and it seems people are drawn to her. She is certainly more social than I am, and if I visit a dog park multiple times, people will call out her name but scratch their head trying to remember mine.

Dog Park Finder is a free app available that you can download on an iPhone or an iPad with over 6,000 parks, beaches and trails listed. There are thousands of user reviews. It will give you details on a dog park, like if it’s fenced and has separate fenced areas for large dogs and small dogs. It lets you know if there is shade, benches and has water for your pet. You can also find dog-friendly restaurants and businesses. It gives you the option of seeing a map view or a list view near your location with directions.

So if you full-time in an RV like me or are just on vacation in your RV, it’s good to know where a dog park is close to you can take your dog and let them run and play. If you meet a Cavalier King Charles named Sadie at a park, then please remember my name is Bob.

To download the free app go to your App Store and search on Dog Park Finder.

You can also take a look at our list of recommended dog-friendly RV parks.

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